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Top 25 Smart City Solution Provider 2017



Video Analytics-based Smart Parking Solutions




There is an evident fragmentation in the way one of the most popular and necessary smart city solutions - smart parking - is delivered. Most vendors either provide parking guidance system(PGS) or parking management system(PMS). As the concept of smart cities becomes mainstream and proponents of each category continue battling to prove the relevance of either, Singapore and South Korea-based NEXPA SYSTEM demonstrates how fusing the two is actually the future for smart parking. Chiding traditional parking guidance solutions such as ultrasound and geo-magnetic, NEXPA SYSTEM delivers a holistic and modular smart parking solution by combining video-analytics technology and one single powerful operation platform.


The firm's smart parking solution detects vehicles, recognizes license plate numbers, and tracks them in the entire parking process from the entry to exit automatically and transfers the data to the operation platform. That shows the occupancy level with the guidance signage and lights up signals with programmable colors (more than 256 different) for parking lots such as occupied, empty, disabled, staff, VIP as needed on LED indicator embedded in NEXPA's IP camera sensors. The system distinguishes a pre-registered vehicle from a non-registered one such as staff, VIP and so on at the entrance with LPR machine, and, accordingly, guides the driver to the reserved parking area (for pre-registered ones), or to the empty slot, if available (for non-registered ones). The whole process for using the car park is recorded for customer data collection and calculation of total parking charges. Once the vehicle owner comes back, a KIOSK and/or mobile application guides the owner to the parked vehicle with the route map showing the shortest way from the current location and its payment interface allows the parking charges to be paid seamlessly. The system recognizes the received payments and the exit gate is automatically unlocked and the exit LPR system records the departure.